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Propagation Station | Moon

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Get ready to transform your home into a green paradise! Our Propagation Station is here to make it easier than ever for you to turn your plant cuttings into beautiful new plants. Your new station will look amazing on your wall, and the clear test tubes make it easy to watch your roots grow. Plus, our ethically sourced wood is the perfect vessel for propagating plants or displaying blooms from your garden. Get yourself a Propagation Station today and add life to any room!


Featuring a hand drawn, laser cut design with removable test tub.

Natural 1/4″ Sustainably Sourced Oak

These are laser cut so there might be some discoloration of the wood. All wood is different and may vary in grain, color, texture and might have a few blemishes. Plants & hanging hardware are not included.


5"H x 2.8"W

  • Perfect for...

    adding to your bedroom, living room, sun room, office, dorm, or wherever you choose!

  • Our favorite way to use...

    is as a bud vase for our spring flowers.

Handcrafted with LOVE!

There is something so beautiful about a handcrafted piece. Every single one of our pieces are unique and you can take pride in knowing that each piece was made just for you.