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Diffuser Stands

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Add a little personality to your diffuser with our Diffuser Stand. Your diffuser will sit 2" off your surface giving you a perfect way to get your diffuser off your counter top.


    Fit most Diffusers with a 4" or less base, and no wider than 6"

    Natural 1/4″ Oak

    These are laser cut so there might be some discoloration of the wood. All wood is different and may vary in grain, color, texture and might have a few blemishes.


    4.125"H x 7.125"W

    • Perfect for...

      Door prize for your next essential oil event.

    • Our favorite way to use...

      We love it in our office so we can get our diffuser up and off the desk.

    Handcrafted with LOVE!

    There is something so beautiful about a handcrafted piece. Every single one of our pieces are unique and you can take pride in knowing that each piece was made just for you.