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Cork Diffuser Stickers | Bottle - 5 pack

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These cute little cork diffuser stickers allow you to put a drop of your favorite essential oil anywhere. Try placing one on the inside of your trash can to help fight against stinky trash. Or try placing one on the inside of your dresser drawer to keep your laundry smelling fresh.



Essential oil bottle

Cork with sticker backing

These are laser cut so there might be some discoloration.


1.5"H x .06"W

  • Perfect for...

    Happy mail inserts. Your team is sure to love these cute little cork stickers that will encourage them to diffuse their oils.

  • Our favorite way to use...

    We literally have these everywhere. The stickers are small and discreet that we can put them on the inside of any drawer and add a drop of oil to freshen up the space.

Handcrafted with LOVE!

There is something so beautiful about a handcrafted piece. Every single one of our pieces are unique and you can take pride in knowing that each piece was made just for you.